About Us

Sanchi Saluja

Shop-Ping-Tweets is a home-based business based in Delhi, India and Toronto, Canada run by the mother-daughter duo Sonia and Sanchi.

Since childhood, Sanchi had an eye for vibrant colors which influenced her dressing style and made her stand-out from the crowd. Her love for colors seamlessly integrated into her always being on the look-out for traditional, local and distinct jewelry.

When she travelled to places such as Goa, Kerala, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Jaipur, the first thing she did was to go look for eye-catching pieces which influenced her style. After immigrating to Toronto, she quickly discovered the lack of authentic, rich Indian colors in jewelry and hailing from a business family, she took the leap of faith to turn her passion into a business while continuing to work a 9-5, and thus, Shop-Ping-Tweets was born in 2020.

All the products are curated by Indian manufacturers-be it traditional, modern or bohemian. Sanchi selects each piece carefully and puts in a lot of love in all her orders.

For exclusive updates and to know more about her process, follow her on Instagram @theshoppingtweets.